Wherefore hast humanity fallen?

But truly I say,

Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others based on dogma and traditions?

Discrimination is still very much alive in society. In this era of social and political discontent, it seems we’ve forgotten to connect and understand others as humans of equal value. Although many groups suffer from discrimination, it’s easy to overlook the ones in the closet especially in countries where coming out is seen as a serious offence, and may even be held accountable to persecutions and legal sanctions. We have divided ourselves so much, each trying to prove a point, comparing whose God is mightier, whose rights are more important, whose feelings are relevant and valid to others. Why do we do this? Why are the ones who are different frowned upon for being “mentally unstable” or “confused” or “have lost their way from God”? Why are some of our brothers and sisters overlooked and not perceived as human because of they are transgender?

Why do some of us have to fear being sacked from our job because of differences? What if being fired puts us into a state of homelessness, where living on the streets and being impoverished is inexplicably threatening and is a root cause of anti-trans violence? Perhaps, maybe we are raised with our own values, religion, and beliefs, but tell me this. Does your value, religion, and belief encourage you to disregard another fellow human, a person who bleeds just the same like you and who lives on the same earth like you? Is it not taught in your scriptures to love one another? Or have you been suiting God’s scriptures to match your own values and beliefs that you are blinded and refuse to see the discrimination you’ve brought upon to others?

Pause. Stop, and think. I want you to picture a person living a life where they are in constant fear, and when they finally brave themselves to be out as an individual they identify as, and now they face discrimination from family, outsiders and society alike, would they feel safe on the street alone at night?

Are we forgetting that we are all, in the end, human, where each of us are connected spiritually, mentally, and physically with the solar system and gravity of the universe? Each decision we make determines how the rest of the world will function. Every choice one makes will have a direct impact on another individual, whether present in actuality or not, time will catch up and the past is not always friendly. How difficult can it be to commit to altruism in order to be genuinely rooted with compassion and the strength to stand beside all and show love? The world is our home. Humanity is our family. It’s all we have.

Every revolution devised in the past has changed the future one way or another, one in which creates failing interpersonal relationships with different countries. In the past until now, we have failed to lift the human spirit but instead created violence. We are so set out to fight about things we find unfair or unfit to standards, but in actuality, we are just setting our standards for humanity too high.

If cooperation and understanding existed between those who have the power to influence peace, there would be less corruption, unfair persecution and unlawful accusations. There would be less anger or resentment, but some were seeking to hold vengeance while others were taught to love one another with pride. Everything that divides us now was created in the past, but we allowed it to carry forward with us. With perpetual, irrational, and perilous behavior, we will always be divided and never be as strong as we could be together. Why? Where is the humanity?


  1. The one who created us, never certified or forceful recommend us to believe in own religions/gender/values. It’s a human who brought this up in front and madly people also think there is nothing up there than their own.

    Don’t know why the top most religion which is HUMANITY has lost somewhere because of such ridiculous people in the world. For me nothing is more important than humanity as far as I’m in this world.

    Your post has really touched my heart and made me happy that people like you still exists. Great going, it was very nice to read. Thanks for sharing such an important message with us.


    • Well said, Biren. Humanity has, and always will be on the top of my priority list, granted we all tend to let our emotions get the better of us sometimes, but even then, we’re no more than just a dead body without humanity. Humanity is what makes you worth living a human life by being sensitive to other people even when they are being difficult, it’s tough, but it’s certainly one of the greatest gifts you can show to others.

      When you a get glimpse of how colourful life becomes when you have (even just a little) humanity in yourself, you will no longer want to live without it.

      Love and blessings to you.


  2. The sentiments of this post are ones we need to drive home more often. Through this walk we call life, we can and sometimes forget how to be human, how to be civil.

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    • I agree with you, Beverly (Is it alright if I call you by your name?) The pinnacle of human potential is living in a society that honors humanity above greed and unhealthy power dynamics. It’s a long road, but we will get there.


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