Paradox of life.

As kids, we were much sold into the notion that life would go the way we planned as long as we aced in our academics. We fantasized about the future as kids and teenagers, believing the myth that life after high school would follow a specific trajectory. From movies to TV shows to pop culture, some of us were convinced of a picture-perfect life. After high school comes college, then we are off leaving our nest finding a dream job and making a living for ourselves, perhaps falling in love with a soulmate, starting a family, and eventually retiring in a comfortable manner. It made sense then from all the hortative speeches from the adults.

Except nothing in life goes as planned. There isn’t one universal prescription of life. The most unexpected twists and turns are the elements that shape the futures of our lives.

Yet, it is in this paradox that we find the beauty of life.

Embracing this unorthodox beauty of a paradox allowed me to grow and come to terms with unanticipated situations that occur on a daily basis. Life has been the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn in my college years, and even more since I graduated and found a job as a writer. Life truly never goes as planned, especially not in the long run. Plans I have made today for myself two or five years now, likely won’t take shape in the exact way I imagined them to be. Things happen and these things change the trajectory of the future. 

If I convinced myself into thinking nothing could go wrong, I would be stuck in mediocrity. The mere notion of constant change has to reflect in me, my actions and my outlooks, otherwise life would be pointless. If life changes, then so do I.

When life deals me with a blow, I have two choices in hand:

I can either grow from it or cower in the shadows and become a shadow of a person myself. 

There’s no matter time in this life now to stand up to the adversity life deals, bettering myself for the future. The lessons learned today affect the person I become tomorrow. I always try to be a better version of myself and take everything life deals in strides. If not today, then tomorrow. No one is perfect and I have to acknowledge my constant growth to see how life has shaped me and whether or not I like the person looking back at me in the mirror.

This is the beautiful enigma of life? I guess so.


  1. This piece completely relatable to most of here I believe. Many of us go with the flow and get shadowed. Of course life is a myth and mostly don’t work as per plan, hence it’s better to focus on today. It has all the beauty in itself.


    • Yeap! That doesn’t mean we ignore the bad days, instead we can be kind to ourselves and tell ourselves to take a deep breath and find out what went wrong. And if we can’t find the answer to what went wrong, does it make us useless? Absolutely not. It just mean we’ll be a little off-track, we’ll wander a bit, but eventually, we’ll still come back to the right track.

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  2. This is something that does need to be said – because it is so true. Life should not be too comfortable; then it’s not life. Comfort comes from embracing change and uncertainty, rather than fighting it.

    I think this also can be related to writing fiction – that idea that it is an exploration, and that you don’t know where it will lead you. And it’s a little scary and exciting sometimes. And most certainly might not follow your original intentions for the tale.

    Great stuff!

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    • Thank you, Hollis. I am thankful for the changes in my life that has helped to shape me as the person I am today. Choosing purposeful action in the middle of hopeless circumstances has been an important step for me, and it certainly shows in my WIP. It is scaring, like you said, and exciting sometimes.


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