Dear friends.

The last few couple of months have been incredibly rough, but also, beautiful. There is a light somewhere—and I’m choosing to focus on that light. If there’s one thing a lot of us struggle with, it’s believing that we are enough. For it’s hard to see one’s worth when the lows keep coming. Too often, we become our own worst critics. In every single thing we do, it’s never good enough for ourselves.

I don’t say that lightly because I am a perfectionist. There are times where I hold unrealistic expectations for myself too and treat myself as a miracle worker. Some mornings, or some nights, I still remember the simple mistakes I made years ago, vividly – and beat myself up for it. Though, it’s been much easier to laugh at them now than be sad about it.

So what I’m (constantly) trying to work on for myself, is to tell myself each day that “I am enough”. I want to give myself grace, while I give grace and benefit of doubt to others as well. Many times now, I let this false perception of perfection cloud my judgment, and allow it to dominate my life without much realization. But I have to change. Change has to start somewhere. It has to start now.

If you relate to bits of what I mentioned, I hope the few affirmations I’ll be sharing here will provide some comfort for you. While you read the words, maybe you can write down, or not—that’s okay too. You can ponder a while. Most importantly, I hope you can see that you have what it takes to write your story.

  1. Give yourself permission to create without inhibition.

In the way that feels natural to you, that feels good to you, that feels authentic to you, that feels true. Know this, it’s okay if your process or final product doesn’t look or feel or sound like everyone else’s. It doesn’t have to. In fact, it wasn’t meant to. The world needs what you have to create.

2. Allow yourself to ask what you want without holding back.

When your body is too tired to carry on, when your soul feels weary from the journey, when your mind feels exhausted—take control and ask yourself the question, what do you want? Then, answer it. And, every time, when the fulfilment of your answer outweighs the uncomfortableness that you are feeling in the moment—carry on. Don’t give up. Keep running towards that goal.

3. Surrender the stress, worry, and anxiety.

Lay it all down. You don’t need it. We yearn to have control over everything around us, but, often, as we clench our fists, holding onto the reigns of dominance over our work, lives, and situations—we find ourselves slipping. Instead of stabilizing us, our tight grip wears us down and causes us to fall from our secure vantage point of peace. And without peace, we cannot forge ahead with the clarity, wisdom, and grace that we need to accomplish our purpose. We need peace, more than we need control.

With all that's said and done, I hope you realize that it is never too late and you are never too far gone to choose what is good. Start wherever you are. Start in your doubt and in your fear and in your anticipation. Start in your worry or your excitement or your joy. Start wherever you are and keep going. Start with your first page.


  1. I will only state one more time what you wrote, ” We need peace, more than we need control.”
    Without our inner peace it is hard to recognize ourselfs and our needs.
    This post was written the right time or me 🙂
    Thank you Lucid once more, most of all for being you!


    • Thank you for being there, Eri. I think while it’s nice for us to be in control of what we can control, it’s also equally to know that we can’t have too much control. It’s a personal battle for everyone, and I hope for each of us to come out stronger. Take care. ♡

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  2. This piece seems too inspiring and thought provoking! As mentioned, it’s the time to start, it’s the time to realize, it’s the time to accept yourself, it’s the time to love yourself! You made it quite short but a noteworthy point here for many out there! I agree to each pointers and support the self-belief! Truly an amazing post, Lucid! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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    • Dear Biren, you know you’ve always been the person to have all our backs even when you are miles away. I always find it’s so admirable of you to go your way out for everyone. As always, your comment makes my heart full. (just don’t punch me anymore haha)

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      • I’m completely my pleasure to read such a great stuffs from miles away! Lol, I won’t punch you, but better you pass on some delicious food to me, haha 😀


  3. This post came to me at a difficult time when I experienced (still am, but managing) so many dissonance about what I want to do, or whether my creative outlets would be good enough. There is nothing for me to say except ‘thank you’ for this.

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    • And there is nothing for me to say except thank you. But sometimes, it never feels quite enough, doesn’t it? Whatever it is, whatever it was, I hope things get better for you. Stay strong. ♡


  4. I am sorry to hear that the past few months have been rough. I can certainly relate, but I love how you spin it into a positive. You are right, there always is a light somewhere within the darkness. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find it, yet it is there if we look hard enough and stay open-minded. Mindset makes such a difference in how people get through difficult situations. At the same time, keeping a more upbeat mindset in the midst of struggling is not easy whatsoever so you are correct, giving yourself grace is crucial. I am proud of you. This was a great post and truly adore these affirmations. Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best.


    • Hey, Brianna! Thank you so for sharing your thoughts and being so empathetic. I think one of the things that I do feel guilty about is feeling like I’m not replying to friends or strangers that I care about, because I don’t like to say something without meaning to them. (And again, I might have just demonstrated this right here). I’ve always wanted to reply a person honestly, that being said, your comment really means a lot to me since you’re one of the people I look up to in trying to be more positive. So I say thank you again. You take care too! ♡


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