What the world’s made of.

Good morning, it’s me again. I surprised myself in being able to maintain my own schedule for personal interests amidst working from home and managing my freelance work. I haven’t fully thought about what to write this morning but since I’ve been caught up with a lot of Isaac Asimov’s books, I might as well just talk about the World.

My mind wanders on its own and asks if the World we live in, is it simply logical or illogical?

The World itself looks bleak to me. Even before I answer that question, what exactly does ‘This World’ or ‘Our World’ mean? Is this an ontological question or a humanistic one? Perhaps it is safe for me to assume that such words indicate the “World of Humanity”.

The difficulty otherwise would be that logic and illogic cannot be ascribed to the world or the physical environment as a whole now, I suppose. To me, treating logic as a noun, it simply refers to an abstract quality which humans can identify as a property of thinking, and ‘logical’ is an adjective humans employ in order to attach that quality to other ideas, of which we have few examples except our own.

I simply cannot ascribe logic to a river or a mountain or even an interstellar medium. But I like to think I can ascribe it to the idea of a water cycle, a belief in plate tectonics, or a quantum field theory. That being said, majority would consider that our World is full of logical and illogical ideas, judged against a criteria of logic which we construct.

Now if this is a humanistic inquiry, then of course, human beings, as far as I know, we have never – and will never – be seen to behave or act logically when judged against any abstract logical criteria we devise, not unless that logic can be composed of an integrated and comprehensive psychological and sociological theory of humanity.. whereupon the question becomes a tautology (which logic usually is). It’s wild, isn’t it?

I am skeptical by nature, but who’s to say I am not hopeful? To me, the World is by definition, logical. If you are thinking otherwise, say let us assume the World is the latter, that it is illogical – now that would mean that the statement “The World is illogical” would be a true statement. Now if that statement is the true statement, that also means it is not a false statement too. To put things into clearer perspective, I am stating that the World is not both logical and illogical at the same time. It simply cannot be. If that is true, then the World is obeying the law of non-contradiction, a logical law. That means, no matter what the answer to the question if the World is a logical or illogical one, you must conclude that the universe is logical.

If someone says the World is illogical, does it not speak of contradiction? If you say so, you are making a logical argument that it is true, and that the World is illogical – it defeats itself.